How to profit from Facebook – 2

I believe you’ve already brainstormed your Facebook fan page goals and you’re anxious to get started planning and creating your page. Wait, not so fast!

Before you create your page you have to be sure your audience is represented on Facebook. You want to make sure you’re planning and creating a page that will generate the profits you desire.

The best way to see if your audience is well represented on Facebook is to log on and start browsing. Search for friends by interest. Look at other pages that are relevant to your industry.

You can also go through the motions of creating a Facebook ad. You’ll be asked to choose demographics for your ad. This can show you how many people your ad might reach. This is likely your potential audience for your fan page as well. (In fact, later, once your page has been created, you can create an ad to promote your fan page.)

Take a few minutes to jot down who your audience is for your fan page. Then spend some time on Facebook making sure that they’re present and that your efforts will be profitable.

Once you’re comfortable to have an audience, it’s time to get into the fun stuff – planning your Facebook page.

What tabs do you want on your Facebook page?

You can create a number of tabs. Each one will be designed to help you achieve your goals.

For example, a Welcome tab is a common choice for any successful Facebook page. You can adjust your settings so that the first page anyone sees when they come to your Facebook page include:

  • Video
  • Opt In tab
  • Product tab
  • Questionnaire/Survey tab
  • Information tab

And so on. Here is an example of a Facebook page bar with tabs

In the screenshot above you’ll notice there’s a call to action (click LIKE), also a video and an opt in form on the welcome page. This is a great way to instantly connect with your visitors.

As you’re planning your Facebook fan page, consider what content you can offer that will provide the most value to your prospects and visitors.

Provide content that:

  • Is relevant to your industry
  • Is insightful or entertaining
  • Motivates people to interact, comment and take action.

Add tabs that offer value to your prospects and customers.

For example, if you’re a professional coach you might have a tab that offers assessments and quizzes.

If you’re an information marketer, perhaps one tab will be dedicated to “reviews.” Contests and sweepstakes are also a great way to motivate people to participate on your page and become part of your community.

Create an outline for your Facebook page. Include all of the tabs you’re going to have on your page. Note that you don’t have to create all of them before you launch. Part of creating an engaging page is adding content and that includes adding new tabs as your page grows and evolves.

Start with a plan for what you want to launch your page with. Make sure your page and subsequent tabs support your goals. For example, if your goal is to build your list you’ll likely want:

1.      Welcome page with an opt-in form

2.      Info/About page

Once you have your plan, it’s time to get on Facebook and start the creation process.

Thanks for reading, retweeting and sharing this post. Comments are welcome. Until next time

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  1. Thanks Vova.
    this is a good article. iam one of yo subscribers here in malaysia.
    I wanted to Join John Hill Master class, now you are saying Nicholson Dave. who is best????

  2. Hey Vova

    Excellent post I only started using facebook a few weeks ago for marketing my affiliate products and I seen immediately the huge potential it has.

    Already my fanpage and facebook account are both sending a ton of traffic!

    I enjoyed reading your post, very well written, Alex
    Alex Neill recently posted..Monetize Your Blog And Get Free Targeted Traffic – Part 2

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